For up-to-date information on the District’s plans for a phased return to hybrid learning, including ventilation efforts, visit HERE.
Reminder: The first day for hybrid learning has shifted by 1 week to March 1. Learn more HERE.
On February 25, the Board will hold an Action meeting at 5 p.m. Find materials here. Register to speak HERE (students can register HERE).

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One School, One Community, One Dream

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Our Mission

Our school is a welcoming community of learners that engages academically talented students.

Our purpose at Crossroads Accelerated Academy is to provide a high quality educational program in a supportive and nurturing steering where every student is expected to succeed. We are committed to preparing students to be academically successful, socially responsible, and fully aware of their talents and potential.

Our Vision

Crossroads students will be prepared for their future in High School and Beyond! By accelerating over-age 7th and 8th grade students, we provide them the opportunity to achieve their potential towards high school graduation with their age-appropriate cohort. Students will engage in a rigorous academic program created through an environment of Respect, Sensitivity and Acceptance.